Since being founded in 2014, Psymposia has become a leading educational media and events group for rethinking drugs, in person and online. 

We bring students, researchers, and diverse voices together from around the world to share fresh perspectives, ask new questions, push boundaries, and shine a spotlight on how emerging psychedelic science and drug policy reform can transform society, law, and medicine. Psymposia was cofounded by Brian Normand, Brett Greene, and Nathaniel Putnam.


Projects we work on

From improving mental health care, to harm reduction and treating addiction, to reducing stigma and incarceration of people who use drugs, to saving lives, our projects are focused on where science meets policy and action.

We believe in honest conversations and education about the benefits and risks of drugs, bridging the gaps between the psychedelic research, drug reform, cryptocurrency, and technology communities, and making these topics easier to discuss for the mainstream. 


Through investigative journalism, personal stories, and deep conversation series, we illuminate how emerging trends shape society, law, and medicine.


Psymposia events feature fresh perspectives from diverse voices around the world on science, reform, culture, and technology.

“Understanding the positive role psychedelics might play in the healing of the human soul is something Dr. Bronner’s takes very seriously. We applaud Psymposia for its crucial work in the community to educate about psychedelic medicine at a time when most of our society still treats the subject as taboo.” – Dr. Bronner’s



With decentralized information, technology, and compassion, we’re building new models that make the old models of drug prohibition obsolete. One person at a time.


We’re connecting the dots between students, researchers, business leaders, reformers, patients, and creators, to culture-at-large.

Increasing Access

We envision a world where mental health care is not denied because of failed political or social taboos; where everyone has access to treatment and medicines, and where no one is arrested for using drugs.

Reducing Stigma

We’re focused on reducing social taboos and dehumanization for people who use drugs. By addressing these deep social issues, we help change how people approach conversations about drugs.

“When we think about drug policy reform we often forget about psychedelics.  Remarkable progress is being made in psychedelic research, yet there remains a great deal of untapped potential when it comes to synergizing with other successful movements for civil rights, public health, and criminal justice reform.  Psymposia is connecting the dots between drug policy reform and psychedelic science and facilitating nuanced, long-overdue discussions about what sensible psychedelic drug policies might look like.”
– Jag Davies, Director of Communications Strategy, Drug Police Alliance

“Psymposia in its present state looks like an organization of the future — putting people and the possibility for a healthy global culture, not money, first. Combining an enlightened approach to drug policy with science education, Psymposia supports the investigation of ecodelics and their possible uses in expanding human thinking, well being, and long-term ecosystem stability. I would wager that an alien, visiting Earth a hundred years from now, if it does indeed still find viable human communities, will find Psymposia-like organizations among our descendants.” – Dorion Sagan

Our Reach

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