Zoë Biehl

Zoë Biehl

Zoë is Psymposia's senior editor. She is a full-time writer and editor, holds a BA in anthropology and sociology, and spends her free time petting all the street cats in Tel Aviv.

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality at the International Transpersonal Conference

At the end of September, some of the world’s greatest minds are coming together in the mystical city of Prague to discuss the true nature of consciousness and celebrate the 50th anniversary of transpersonal psychology.

The Psychedelic Network, Pt 3: Mexico, Australia, and Israel

"The future will be awesome if we can strengthen and continue weaving the networks of networks so that our efforts are synergic and interconnected"

The Psychedelic Network, Pt 2: Europe

The internet is the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Psychedelic Network, Pt 1: USA

Over the past few years, psychedelic societies have begun popping up all over the world. We interviewed some of the pioneers. First stop: USA.