Dimitri Mugianis

Dimitri Mugianis is a drug policy activist, musician, Bwiti Nganga (spiritual healer) and community organizer.

Raised in Detroit, he moved to NYC with his band 'Leisure Class' but Dimitri's heroin problem grew along with the band. After losing his pregnant common-law wife to the drug, he went to Amsterdam for an iboga ceremony that broke his addiction. He then found a mentor in Howard Lotsof – the father of the American ibogaine movement – and Dimitri traveled to Gabon several times to be initiated into the iboga religion of the Bwiti. He co-founded the 'Universalist Bwiti Society” and performed over 600 ibogaine treatments – mostly for addiction & mostly illegal.

He beat federal charges from a DEA sting that used a paid informant seeking treatment and then had a documentary made about his work called 'Dangerous with Love' as well as stories by NPR, This American Life, VICE, the NYTimes & a cover feature in the Village Voice.

He also co-founded VOCAL (Voices of Community Advocates and Leaders) and is currently is the Nganga-in-residence for drug users at New York Harm Reduction Educators (NYHRE) – an East Harlem needle exchange.

He hopes to soon be taking ibogaine to Afghanistan.