Jack Cole

Jack A. Cole is an American drug policy reform activist and retired police officer. On March 16, 2002, along with four other police officers, Cole founded Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (or LEAP), a non-profit organization composed of former and current police officers, government agents and other law enforcement agents who oppose the current War on Drugs.

He has taught courses to police recruits and veteran officers on ethics, integrity, moral decision-making, and the detrimental effects of racial profiling. As Executive Director of LEAP during its first 8 years and now as its board chair, he has presented papers at international conferences and spoken on drug policy reform in the Parliaments of Canada, Denmark, the European Union, and New Zealand, as well as presenting 1800 times to professional, civic, educational, political, and religious groups in 35 countries and across the United States.

Jack spent 6 years as a road trooper in Troop B (Northern NJ) and 20 years as a detective. He spent 14 years in the Narcotic Bureau--mainly undercover. Jack's investigations included billion dollar international heroin and cocaine trafficking organizations. When Jack refused to do any more work in narcotics, he was assigned to run the Fugitive Unit for 2 years. He then ran the Missing Persons Unit/ Child Sexual Exploitation Unit for three years. During his last year Jack ran the Alcohol Beverage Control Unit.