Twig Harper

Twig Harper was expelled from 3 high schools and after receiving his GED, said “I should of dropped out of this shit years ago!”

From there he ...wait a sec... I am writing this.....from there I became involved in the underground experimental music community, and with my collaborator Carly Ptak, we built and hacked electronic instruments, ran a record label, toured the world playing noise and in 2001 moved to Baltimore to buy a dirt cheap semi-abandoned building to live, work, and host performances.

In 2006 we had a spiritual crisis which culminated in a fire gutting our building. After rebuilding and arising out like the phoenix, I dedicated myself to investigating psychedelics and other mechanical methods that facilitate awareness. Our building now houses a sensory deprivation tank business, an esoteric library, meeting space, therapy rooms, and more. We create a safe space where the public can feel at home with these effective modes which have been ignored and suppressed by our culture.

The last 5 years I have been researching and developing a buccal absorbed Salvia divinorum blend that can be as strong as vaporized extracts but has a slower onset and longer duration. Because it is still legal and she really cares about our health, ya know.