Britta Love

Britta Wollman Love is a writer and activist who is passionate about drugs and sex, believing that cognitive liberty and sexual freedom are fundamental human rights. 

As a graduate of the London School of Economics she wrote her dissertation on sex work in the UK.  Her more recent research is grounded in humanity's rich history of embodied spirituality: where intentional sexuality and psychoactive plant medicines are fully integrated into healing and spiritual practice. 

She is currently enrolled at Goddard College completing a master’s degree in Consciousness Studies.  Britta is based in NYC where she writes The Daily Transmission blog on sex, drugs and consciousness and advocates for the ibogaine movement and the Sex Worker's Outreach Project.


The Daily Transmission blog


Psymposia From Hookers & Dealers To Therapists & Guides


Psymposia From Hookers & Dealers To Therapists & Guides