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Psymposia Ghetto Shamanism


Psychedelic Stories
Psymposia Ghetto Shamanism

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I go by the acronym D.U.L.I. which stands for

Divine Universal Loving Intelligence!

I was born in Boston and grew up in the inner city of Roxbury.

I come from a very interesting family.

My aunt was a cartoonist for the local Black Panther newspaper in Roxbury! My father had a love for Jazz music, and played the alto saxophone. He actually got a chance to play with the famous Pharaoh Sanders once and attended the famous Woodstock concert where he witnessed Jimi Hendrix mesmerize the crowd!

From a young age my father and mother inspired me to view the world through magical lenses! Which planted a seed of interest into the "unknown", the esoteric, the metaphysical or unconventional realities. Through the blessings of my parents I was introduced to the mystic traditions. From Sufism, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, esoteric Christianity, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Ayurvedic medicine, etc. I later learned through an intense spiritual reading, that my father's side of the family has a long lineage of Shaman healers.

My real interest and calling towards Shamanism and psychedelics came in my mid twenties. I was coined the name "The Ghetto Shaman" when I started a stalled car on the street with my chi energy! I lifted the hood of the car and put my two fingers on the battery which actually charged the battery and got the car started! That's when people starting calling me "Ghetto Shaman"!

From my personal experience I can testify to the tremendous benefits that shamanism and psychedelics (teaching plants/fungi) can offer to Black people and the world at large!

Though I came from a very uplifting family, I still witnessed many injustices, such as police brutality, gang violence and substance abuse growing up within my neighborhood! Thus I became a very angry, self destructive teenager.

Through my psychedelics journeys, especially with the psilocybin mushroom, a lot of the pain that I was carry around subconsciously...I was finally able to "let go."

So I personally see the power and numerous benefits that psychedelics and shamanism can offer to the world at know large! It's time for healing and it's time to reconnect and honor nature/Mama Earth! Hotep!