Efrem Nulman

Efrem Nulman PhD was formerly the Senior University Dean of Students and is currently Director of Health and Substance Use at Yeshiva University.

He is a lecturer at Columbia's school of social work and an adjunct associate professor at Wurzweiler school of social work. Nulman earned his masters and doctoral degrees at Yeshiva.

He has treated, taught, and trained professionals and graduate students in substance use and specializes in evidence based treatments, motivational interviewing, harm reduction, and substitution therapies. He was an early innovator, working with skilled physicians, in utilizing "problem" substances or variations to minimize harm. 

In addition to treating college and graduate students, one of his great joys is to consult on substance use matters with myriad classic rockers and musicians, as well as for a variety of non profit agencies/organizations. 

He's currently senior consultant for health and substance use at Wellness Enterprise in New York City.