Jeremy Wolff

Jeremy Wolff is a writer, artist, and has been an observer of the psychedelic community since 1995.

He contributed the seminal "
Thots on Pot" a synthesis of three years' work, to The Pot Book, edited by his wife Julie Holland. 

Jeremy Wolff's travel writing and
photography, from Asia, Cuba, Eastern Europe and Russia, have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Metropolis, and Travel & Leisure. His photo collages, inspired by David Hockney, were on the covers of Newsweek, Harper’s and Fortune magazines, and he made iconic album covers for Spin Doctors, Soul Asylum, They Might Be Giants, Yellowman, and the Knitting Factory. His current work includes the macro-photography series, "Spying on the Real World."  


Psyposia How Cannabis Reflects the Future


Psyposia How Cannabis Reflects the Future


The Pot Book Thots on Pot