People: On Drugs Philadelphia | A Conversation with Dennis McKenna & Others

  • Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania 3417 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA, 19104 United States

Join us for conversations on psychoactives with: 

Dennis McKenna, PhD | Bio -
Author, ethnopharmacologist, ayahuasca researcher, & brother to Terence McKenna

Neşe Devenot, PhD | Bio -
PhD in comparative literature from UPenn on the literary history of psychedelic trip reports, co-founder of the Psychedemia interdisciplinary psychedelics conference. Psymposia Magazine, Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet -

Dimitri Mugianis | Bio -
Drug policy activist, musician, Bwiti Nganga (spiritual healer) and community organizer. VICE on HBO Underground Heroin Clinic: Bwiti Naming Ceremony

Dennis McKenna Book Signing
Copies of 'Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss' will be available for purchase. 

Psychedemia Poster Session
Psychedemia is sponsoring an interactive "poster session" to highlight new ideas and directions for future research in psychedelic studies. At Penn's 2012 Psychedemia conference, our poster session featured artists alongside research on shamanism, neuroscience, philosophy, and sociology. You can think of Psymposia's poster session as a hybrid science fair, show-and-tell, and social/networking mixer. In addition to an interesting idea, the main requirement is bringing a display of some kind. The display can take a number of different forms, whether a formal science poster, sheets of printer paper that you can tape to the wall, examples of your art, or material objects on tabletop display. During the poster session, all poster presenters will stand by their display stations, and attendees will circulate freely for intimate dialogues and scintillating conversation.

Psychedelic Stories
The evening ends with our always popular Psychedelic Stories where you can hear tales of exploration from our diverse cast of storytellers. Or be one of the volunteers from the audience who shares a story of your own.

Tentative Schedule 
6:30 Doors open
7:00 Speaker 1
7:30 Speaker 2
9:00 Psychedelic Social + Psychedemia science posters
10:00 Psychedelic Stories
11:30 Close

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