Psychedelic Stories 920 San Francisco

San Francisco @ The Makeout Room
Saturday, September 17th

With the Psychedelic Society of San Francisco

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  • Emanuel Sferios, Founder of DanceSafe, Director, MDMA the Movie
  • Ken Adams, Director, IMAGINATRIX - The Terence McKenna Experience
  • Michelle KrasowskiPsychedelic Society of San Francisco
  • Oliver Merivee, Fungi Academy
  • and more!

Psychedelic Stories can be described as “The Moth Radio Hour… On Acid.” Hear curated tales of psychoactive journeys, or share one of your own. Whether you're a veteran psychonaut, or just curious about psychedelics, this event is sure to leave you intrigued, inspired, and entertained. There will also be time during and after the event for attendees to talk and share amongst each other. Come join the community, & see with your own ears.

Videos from past events:

This is one of many events around 9/20 focused on the role that psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms play in our society.

Doors 6p
Show 7-9:30p