NYC Blue-Dot Tour Launch Fundraiser

  • Secret location Bowery New York, NY United States
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Join us from a beautiful temple of art in NYC for an evening of Psychedelic Stories and the launch of our cross-continent Blue-Dot Tour on the way to Psychedelic Science 2017 in Oakland, CA. We're looking at two months on the road to take our style of open-mic storytelling to brand new communities.

For the address of this lovely space in the Bowery, please make a donation of your choice. (Or if you become a supporter of Psymposia on Patreon at the Palo Santo level ($10/mo), we'll send you two free tickets as an additional gift)

Your generous donations will literally be fueling our cross-continent community-gathering trip, and will also allow us to put some money aside for the "Pap's Truck Repair Fund." We'll also have brand new copies of Lex's graphic novel on the cannabinoids - as told through elephants & alchemy.

House Rules:
(please remember that this is a home generously provided by a friend of Psymposia & we ask that you treat it as your own)
1. No smoking tobacco in backyard or in front of the house
3. There is no trash service available so please do your best to be tidy & leave no trace. We'll be hauling all the refuse out in Pap's truck after the show.

Donate for the address