The Hypnotic Bar & Psychedelic Lounge

  • Hell Phone 247 Varet Street Brooklyn, NY, 11206 United States

Can hypnotism unlock the psychedelic brain?

Psymposia hosts The Hypnotic Bar, a remarkable event that will challenge your sense of what is possible. Acclaimed Hypnotist and Filmmaker Albert Nerenberg will demonstrate that any drug and alcohol state can be created with hypnotic trance. Fresh after a wild show that stunned The National Arts Club in Manhattan, Nerenberg teams up with Psymposia for a special event. This Hypnotic Bar and Pyschedelic Lounge will explore whether psychedelicand all manner of altered states can be recreated with trance. Judging from previous shows, the answer is YES. 

"Incredible." K-Rock

Assisted by our host Lex Pelger & the Breath Mistress Kathryn Villaverde, join us for a fascinating demonstration of the power of hypnotism for healing, headtwisting, the inventon of new states & harmony.


Albert Nerenberg is an acclaimed director, hypnotist, and one of the world’s top experts on laughter. Nerenberg directed Laughology, the first feature documentary about laughter and is currently working on a new feature called You Are What You Act. 
He developed a laughter exercise technique called Laughercize and worked with Olympic Athletes, Border Guards and Football teams in using laughter and humour to increase performance. In 2014 at IdeaCity he demonstrated that the effects of drugs and alcohol can be reproduced by hypnosis.