"Psychedelic Mysticism" Screening & Conversation w/ Bill Richards & Susan Gervasi

  • Baltimore Ethical Society 306 W Franklin St Baltimore, MD 21201

Join us for a screening of Psychedelic Mysticism: The Good Friday Experiment & Beyond, followed by a discussion with the director, Susan Gervasi, and Bill Richards, psychologist at Hopkins medicine and a close friend and colleague of Walter Pahnke.

Trailer: vimeo.com/159872747

Psychedelic Mysticism: The Good Friday Experiment & Beyond explores an extraordinary 1962 study aimed at learning if psilocybin - a then-legal research drug containing the active ingredient of a Mexican mushroom - could spur the "mystical" state of consciousness described for centuries by saints and sages. 

With the help of controversial Harvard professor Timothy Leary, physician Walter Pahnke gave psilocybin to 10 theology students, a placebo to 10 others, and during a Methodist church service conducted the world's first controlled study of the mystical experience.  Some of those who took the psilocybin - and some who didn't - share their vivid memories of a tumultuous day. 

Psychedelic Mysticism also explores the sensational rise and fall of psychedelic research in the turbulent 1960's and features rare interviews with original Good Friday participants, including psychedelic pioneers Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), Ralph Metzner, Huston Smith and Paul Lee.  Renowned LSD investigator Stanislav Grof, drug policy expert Rick Doblin, and Johns Hopkins University psilocybin researchers William Richards and Roland Griffiths also share their thoughts about the future of legal psychedelic investigation.

Friday, May 20 8-11pm
Baltimore Ethical Society
306 W Franklin St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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