Patty Mayo

Patty Mayo

Patty is a clinical pharmacist with specialized study and training in pain management, palliative care, opioid dependency, and anticoagulation management. Her interests and values include entheogens, sacred medicines, ceremony, sustainability, integrity, healing, cognitive liberty, cats and the ocean. She is a part of the leadership of Boston Entheogenic Network (BEN), whose mission is to establish an inclusive community that cultivates, educates, and celebrates the exploration of consciousness.

I Was Recorded During A 5-MeO DMT Ceremony Without My Consent

I was told that a video of me was recorded without my consent, and I could view it after some rest.

He said to me “all women secretly want to be raped”

Jay brought up the Me Too Movement and called it “hysteria” – I asked him if he has ever been raped. He had not.