Psychonauts of the World

Psychonauts of the World

Snap shot psychedelic stories and journeys from psychonauts around the globe.

Inspired by drugs

I would say that almost all my original ideas have in some way or another been inspired by drugs.

Before LSD, I was a militant anti-theist

My life can be split into two parts: before and after LSD.

My biggest conclusion after years writing about drugs

The only way this war will stop...

My experience with mushrooms was an epiphany. There’s never been a need to revisit that depth of consciousness.

I realised everything is connected, and I felt that I was just stardust, along with other people, animals, plants, rocks, clouds and the whole universe.

DMT showed me how my ego influenced my emotions

It made me aware that there are times where instead of vocalizing my opinions I could listen not to respond, but to understand.

Using psilocybin mushrooms for anxiety and depression

Since I was 16 years old I have struggled with depression and anxiety.

Meditation and psychedelics are synergistic

I've been a practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism for the past 50-years.

I had my first psychedelic experiences as a teenager. Now I’m a physician.

They changed my life in a very positive way quite early.

My first experience with DMT

After the trip, I stopped abusing xanax and oxycodone.

Making a difference in West Africa

I started Ghana’s first and only Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) chapter.