Russell Hausfeld

Russell Hausfeld

Russell is a journalist and illustrator living in Cincinnati, Ohio. When he isn't writing or drawing, he is probably aimlessly walking around with his dog or staring at plants.

Pulitzer Prize winner Terry DeMio on life as a heroin beat reporter

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Terry Demio talks about reporting on heroin for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

After 26 years in prison for LSD, and clemency from Obama, Timothy Tyler is a free man

What’s it like being sentenced to life in prison for selling LSD? Timothy Tyler, a Deadhead convicted of selling LSD and granted clemency by President Barack Obama, talked to Psymposia about his 26 years in prison, and the challenges of adjusting to a brave, new world.

Ayahuasca and the Global Marketplace

Narratives which gloss-over the history and socioeconomic dynamics of ayahuasca’s globalization may, despite good intentions, actually do more harm than good.

LSD liberated me from the prison I had built for myself

Four years since that trip, I’m no longer prescribed antidepressants.

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There's growing confusion about handling harm reduction on campuses.

What happens when you give an octopus MDMA?

A team of researchers bathed octopuses in MDMA.

A Conversation about Intersectionality in the Psychedelic Community

A conversation between two (white) activists to further the dialogue around inclusivity in the field of psychedelic research and culture.

Reclaiming Your Identity As A Drug User

Today, we have a world where we can say: “I’m proud to be a woman” and “I’m proud to be gay.” But we can’t say: “I’m a drug-user.”

Cartoon Dystopia: 25I-NBOMe and Why You Should Test Your LSD

Like the vast majority of psychonauts, I didn’t use a chemical reagent to verify I was taking LSD, even though I had been active in harm reduction work for three years prior and was aware of testing kits.