Emerson Dameron

Emerson Dameron

Emerson is a writer, communicator, and occasional comedian from Los Angeles. When he gets a laugh, that's as close as he expects to get to the alchemists.

How to meditate on psychedelics with Vincent Horn of Meditate.io

Based on his experience at the intersection of Buddhism and psychedelics, Horn provides a six-point checklist for getting the most from a contemplative psychedelic ceremony.

For someone who hasn’t taken a psychedelic drug it can be difficult to imagine what it’s like.

Think of a glass of water: under normal circumstances you might think ‘I drink water when I’m thirsty’. But when consuming a psychedelic substance you might think ’water is the essence of life’.

Salvinorin A. Is it possible to have a truly powerful painkiller that is not addictive?

We Need New Drugs. The opioid epidemic gripping the United States has brought into public awareness a problem that has bedeviled the world of medical science for decades: is it possible to have a truly powerful painkiller that is not addictive?

Becoming a Psychedelic Researcher: Alan Kooi Davis

Why researchers like Alan Kooi Davis — the newest addition to the Johns Hopkins psychedelic research team — decide to devote their careers to studying psychedelics.

How activists are fighting for full cannabis legalization in Washington, D.C.

When two men entered a party in Uneeda Nichols’ home in Washington, D.C. in August 2017 with a couple hundred dollars in cash, they were greeted as cannabis enthusiasts. No one realized they were undercover cops.

We talked with a researcher using psilocybin to treat cocaine addiction in Alabama

I came to a working hypothesis: at the center of the mystical experience is awe, wherein one is in the presence of something so great, so large, that it requires they completely reorder their mental structures - completely change the way they view reality.

LSD Cured My Eating Disorder

As a teenager, I was taking ten milligrams of Ritalin daily. Later, I grew to love the way these pills made it easier for me not to eat.

We now call ‘bad trips’ ‘challenging experiences’. Here’s why that’s misguided.

Renaming adverse effects of psychedelic drugs as “challenging experiences” minimizes, almost trivializes, their negative effects.

Psychedelics and the Full-Fluency Phenomenon

I first discovered the potential psychedelics have for treating stuttering during an experience with psilocybin mushrooms.

DREAMing about Drug Reform: An Interview with Arturo Lua Castillo

A candid talk with Arturo Lua Castillo, named Outstanding Student Organizer of 2018 by Students for Sensible Drug Policy.