An open letter to the newly founded Center for Psychedelic Research at Johns Hopkins

With the recent creation of the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, we must remember that, while industrialized medicine has never attempted to serve all people, institutional histories vary from one organization to the next.

SSDP Spotlight: Just Say Know, a peer education program for everyone

Although SSDP was founded upon political lobbying from the top down, it has also served as a platform for member-led initiatives of harm reduction and peer education.

Podcast Preview: We Hope Michael Pollan Changes His Mind

As Michal Pollan steps into the role of psychedelic gatekeeper, we critically examine his recent NYT op-ed on slowing down psilocybin decriminalization.

Forgiving psychedelic abusers should never be at the expense of their victims

A response to the recent interview with Daniel Pinchbeck.

Young People of Color As Leaders in The Movement To End the War on Drugs

How do you center the needs and perspectives of people of color in your activism—not because you want to fill a quota, but because the success of your work depends on it?

Considerations for Engaging with Amazonian Ancestral Practices, People, and Places

If we truly believe in the positive transformational power of visionary plant experiences, we must support each other to make real social change happen, less this transformation stagnates at the individual level.

I Was Recorded During A 5-MeO DMT Ceremony Without My Consent

I was told that a video of me was recorded without my consent, and I could view it after some rest.

He said to me “all women secretly want to be raped”

Jay brought up the Me Too Movement and called it “hysteria” – I asked him if he has ever been raped. He had not.

Shipibo Women Healers on the Challenges and Opportunities of the Ayahuasca Boom

After the murder of a Peruvian healer in 2018, traditional healers, local political figures, and nonprofit allies gathered to address the complexities that come with the influx of foreigners seeking ayahuasca in the Amazon.

Third Wave staff quits, writes open letter, over work environment created by founder Paul Austin

Eight staff have quit The Third Wave and issued an open statement.