David Nickles

David Nickles

David is an underground researcher and moderator for The DMT-Nexus community. He’s worked on numerous harm reduction projects including KosmiCare, Check-In, TLConscious, DanceWize, and The Open Hyperspace Traveler, to name a few. He’s offered cultural critiques and commentary on psychedelics and radical politics, as well as novel phytochemical data for psychedelic preparations at venues around the world. David is also a glassblower and spends much of his time working in his studio, when he’s not ranting about drugs and politics.

This is what psychedelic mainstreaming looks like…in Arizona

As psychedelic medicalization and the potential profits of a “virgin market” loom large, new organizations are increasingly looking to gain legitimacy within the field. Mainstreaming means the doors of this field are being thrown wide open.

Will MDMA-assisted psychotherapy be covered by health insurance?

Until MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is proven without a doubt to reduce long-term costs, many insurance companies do not have an incentive to cover it.

How will MDMA be rescheduled in the future? You may be disappointed.

What does MDMA rescheduling mean for the recreational user? If you are under the impression that MDMA is on its way to being rescheduled, across the board, you may be disappointed.

The Future of MDMA: Phase 3 and Beyond

What does the future hold for MDMA? We explore MAPS' ongoing FDA phase 3 clinical trials, rescheduling, health insurance, and expanded access. 

The First Step Act is not the criminal justice reform we need. But it’s a start.

Trump signed into law the First Step Act, which makes modest reforms that ease the federal prison population.

Time’s Up. The dance floor is not your colonial hunting ground

Dance has played a sacred role universally amongst indigenous cultures for millennia. Our dances may have nothing to do with attracting your gaze.

Let’s Talk About Psychedelic-Induced Psychosis

Comedian Shane Mauss and Zendo Project's Ryan Beauregard on psychedelic-induced psychosis. “It was really easy once I got past the big video game, ‘Truman Show’ feeling, to get to a place of, ‘oh, that was all in my head. I was crazy.’"

Safety Guidelines for Guides, Psychedelic Integration Practitioners, and Other Leaders

How can men, who participate in psychedelic community as members or leaders hold themselves to a standard that promotes safety for the people that really need it?

A Mother-Daughter Mushroom Trip Captured on Film

Would you take psychedelic mushrooms with your mom?

It’s my choice, but he wanted it more…

If it’s not a “fuck, yes!” then it’s not a yes. Inform yourself about systems of power and oppression so you can recognize and deconstruct the patriarchy, rape culture, and supremacy in your thoughts and actions. Listen to survivors.