Russell Hausfeld

Russell Hausfeld

Russell is a staff reporter for Psymposia, and journalist and illustrator living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He received a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Religious Studies from the University of Cincinnati. His fascinations lie in the nuances of human consciousness, the ways that drugs influence culture, and the right to bodily freedom.

Bunk Police Drug Testing

The Bunk Police is looking to destroy dishonesty in the drug market

If there are other harm-reduction organizations, such as DanceSafe, that are able to distribute test kits, then we won’t attend that event....the ones that refuse DanceSafe, we come in and do it anyways.

I Survived Sexual Abuse In The Amazon And Victim Blame At Home

The controlled narrative goes something like this: ayahuasca is good, and we need to control how people perceive it because this is a controlled substance we want to see legalized, a medicine we want to see legitimated. And if we have to sacrifice a few women who get themselves raped to keep ayahuasca’s name clean, so be it.

Time’s Up for “Silencing” Tactics

A few years ago, I witnessed the systematic silencing and shaming of Lily Kay Ross for having dared to call attention to severe abuses of power in the psychedelic space. Her extraordinary bravery in sharing her own experience with abuse was met with victim blaming and accusations of selfishness. Key members of the psychedelic research community turned on her for “jeopardizing” the entire field of psychedelic science with her “negativity” and “theatrics.”

Get up, stand up, speak up

Time stops as his open palm continues toward me, meeting my stomach with force, pushing me back several steps before releasing me.

Psychedelic Ethics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I have been deeply disappointed and angry at both men and women in our community who would rather sweep these experiences under the rug and avoid all criticisms that could make it harder for the mainstream to “accept” us and our drugs of choice.

Hey Psychedelic Science Community, we need to talk about consent

Consent is really pretty simple but also apparently complicated, due to our inheritance of a messed up culture.

Intentionally-diverse MDMA research at University of Connecticut Cut Short

The research team at UConn studying MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD is now defunct. creates a network for psychedelic therapists could soon become a useful asset to anyone interested in the professional world of psychedelic-related therapy.

It’s time to debunk prohibitionist narratives and calls for monopolies within psychedelic science

As venture-capital-backed, for-profit companies barrel into psychedelic therapy, the potential for the widespread privatization of psychedelic knowledge and profits looms large. Some researchers are so enthusiastic about medicalization by “any means necessary” that they’re resorting to prohibitionist historical narratives and calling for monopolies to push the agenda forward.

Finally, there’s a group giving grants to students researching psychedelics

We talked with Johns Hopkins psychedelic researcher, Alan Kooi Davis, about the Source Research Foundation, a non-profit awarding grants to students researching psychedelics.