Drug Reform 


Reclaiming Your Identity As A Drug User

Russell Hausfeld
July 3, 2018
Today, we have a world where we can say: “I’m proud to be a woman” and “I’m proud to be gay.” But we can’t say: “I’m a drug-user.”

How should we be teaching students about drugs?

Russell Hausfeld
June 5, 2018
Rhana Hashemi is the site coordinator for drug and alcohol programs and services for Oakland Unified School District. But, to her students, she is just “the drug lady.”

Cocaine Tourism in Colombia

Allyson Todd
November 15, 2017
Medellín attracts the attention of tourists seeking a new kind of experience: doing cocaine in the city of Pablo Escobar.

The State: The Opioid Epidemic

Emerson Dameron
November 14, 2017
For anyone who remembers the Reagan Administration's awesome response to the '80s crack epidemic, the Trump plan may prompt discouraging deja vu.

The State: Friday, Oct 27, 2017

Emerson Dameron
October 27, 2017
To get a vision of the future of psychedelics from a legal and regulatory perspective, the most useful thing to do might be to see what's happening already in the realm of weed.

What the Scientologists can teach us about drug reform

Tanner Howard
September 22, 2017
Even with its straightforward-sounding name, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World (FDFW) hides plenty beneath the surface—namely, a direct connection to the Church of Scientology.

The State: Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017

Emerson Dameron
September 19, 2017
Welcome to the first edition of The State. This column will look at a few of the more noteworthy stories making waves in the psychedelic and reform spheres, and when appropriate, examine how they fit into a larger context.

10 Reasons to End the War on Drugs and the War on Sex Workers

Britta Love
September 8, 2017
Just as the drug war makes drug-taking more dangerous and disproportionately affects the most vulnerable, the War on Sex Workers makes sex work more dangerous too. Here are 10 reasons ending the War on Sex Workers makes as much sense as ending the War on Drugs.

A persuasive case for the decriminalization of drugs, Pt. 1

Andrés Ruiz
July 5, 2017
If neither the state nor defenders of our continued drug policies can provide a rational justification for the continued practice of incarcerating drug users, then the use of punishment by the state against drug users is morally unjustified.

A Brief History of the Drug War

Jag Davies
May 17, 2017
Why are some drugs legal and other drugs illegal? It's not based on science or the relative risks – but has everything to do with who is associated with them.

The DEA Scheduling System is a Joke

Mike Margolies
February 27, 2017
Reducing drug policy down to defining “good” substances and “bad” substances is missing the entire fucking point.

A Weekend for Women and Weed

Alexander Lekhtman
January 23, 2017
The nation and the world were rocked this weekend by the Women’s March. The day before, cannabis activist group DCMJ distributed thousands of hand-rolled joints—for free.

Mapping Marijuana Legalization

Leland Radovanovic
October 27, 2016
Five states have full legalization initiatives on the ballot. Four will be voting on medical cannabis. Here is a rundown of what each initiative aims to do.

The Youth Movement To End The War On Drugs

Scott Cecil
June 14, 2016
Most of the information the “D.A.R.E. generation” was taught in school was sensationalized, exaggerated, or simply factually incorrect (typically all three).