In Person

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and Online

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Everybody has a story. Curated and open mic Psychedelic Stories feature storytellers sharing honest experiences with drugs. From cannabis, to psychedelics, to heroin, from healing to abuse, Psychedelic Stories creates a soapbox for people to come out, connect, and share their stories with the world.


Psymposia live events flip academic conferences on their heads. With a diverse cast of guests surrounded by a live audience, we explore emerging trends in science, research, politics, and social issues about psychedelics and drug reform.

Jam Sessions

Stay up late, have a bunch of coffee, and go beyond the confines of 280 characters. Jam Sessions let us connect face-to-face online with guests and the community around the world. From one on one interviews, to group conversation jams, we hit on perspectives that transcend the political spectrum.  

Past events