DMT showed me how my ego influenced my emotions

After attempting and reattempting to smoke DMT, it eventually hit me. I went into this place that was dark and yet I saw beautiful things. There were different patterns and shapes and a complicated rainbow figure floating around, and it got to the point where I became what I was seeing. Marissa didn’t exist. I experienced ego death through a knowing that we are all a part of one thing.

At first I was afraid, but recognizing the fear made me aware of my ego and how it influences my emotions. It made me realize how attached I was to my ego, and how a lot of negative thoughts and doubts I have about myself are a function of it. I am a very opinionated person, but I understood that although we’re all a part of something, we as individuals are going through life with different paths, learning in our own ways through it all. It made me aware that there are times where instead of vocalizing my opinions I could listen not to respond, but to understand.

(Buffalo, New York)


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