LSD Cured My Eating Disorder

Adeline Fox
April 12
As a teenager, I was taking ten milligrams of Ritalin daily. Later, I grew to love the way these pills made it easier for me not to eat.

Fear and Loathing on Flatbush Avenue

Sarah Paolantonio
October 31
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas can tell us a lot about the building of the system we are now finding ourselves stuck inside.

Why We Need to Talk About “Bad Trips”

Patrick Smith
May 30
Although psychedelics are going to shape the future of mental health therapy, these powerful mind-altering substances shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The Unexpected Trip

May 24
When I graduated from the Air Force Academy, it was George W. Bush who handed me my diploma.

How Social and Climate Justice Activism is Psychedelic

Leia Friedman
May 15
As I became activated to defend something bigger than my own immediate welfare, a shift took place—a shift toward seeing reality as a singular entity as opposed to a bunch of disjointed parts.

LSD Helped Me Ditch My Crutches & Scale Mountains

September 15
We passed out the tabs of acid, we toasted, and we dropped. And then suddenly, up we went. I stood up, gingerly putting my weight on my right leg. And...nothing. No pain. No tenderness. I was invincible.

A Narc Gifts a Priest LSD

September 6
“Ralph, have you ever done LSD?” Of course, my dad’s speaking to a policeman, and it’s the 70’s, and my dad hadn’t done LSD.

I fell in love while candy flipping

July 28
The LSD rushed through my gums and into my jaw at the same time the bitter drip of MDA slowly ran down the back of my throat. I didn’t exactly understand what was happening nor did I care because I was excited.
Why I Came Out Of The Psychedelic Closet

Why I Came Out of the Psychedelic Closet

Daniel Miller
April 15
I majored in physics at Princeton. I’m a lawyer who graduated from Georgetown Law. I clerked for a Federal Judge. And, of course, I had a positive, life-changing trip on LSD.