Brett Greene

Brett cofounded Psymposia in 2014 with Brian Normand and is a consultant in the cannabis industry. For nearly a decade, he’s been a Research Administrator for the Center for Drug Discovery at Northeastern University under the direction of world-renowned cannabinoid expert Alexandros Makriyannis, PhD.

In 2016, he became the manager of the international NIDA (National Institutes of Drug Abuse) funded Chemistry and Pharmacology of Drug Abuse Conference. In 2017, he accepted an advisory position on the board of the Massachusetts Recreational Cannabis Consumer Council and became Director of Strategy for Therapeutic Innovations, a medical device company.

Additionally, he’s consulted with AblaCore, Iotopia, Spiria, DRUID, Speakeasy (California-Licensed Cannabis Oil Production Company), Mayflower Botanicals, Inc. (Massachusetts – Licensed Medical Dispensary) Humble A.F and others.