Oriana Mayorga

Oriana is a community organizer dedicated to dismantling structural oppression, promoting racial justice and ending violence against women. She is a longtime advocate of legalizing psychedelic medicine and looks forward to becoming a psychedelic therapist.

She received a B.S. in Psychology from Fordham University in 2014 and a graduate certificate in Harm Reduction Psychotherapy from the New School of Research in 2016. Her undergraduate research ‘Knowledge of MDMA and Risk Propensity Relating to Perception of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy’ was published in a peer reviewed journal and presented at various conferences, including the 26th Annual Association of Psychological Science, the 2014 Fordham Research Symposia, and the 2017 Psychedelic Science.

Her professional journey to end the war on drugs began in 2013 when she volunteered as a Psychotherapy Research Rater for MAPS, where she coded videos of U.S. veterans who underwent MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy. The following year, Oriana interned for The Drug Policy Alliance and DanceSafe. Oriana has also worked for the annual NYC Horizon’s conference as the Patron Services Coordinator since 2015 and most recently, served as the clinical research coordinator for a study on novel psychoactive drugs at NYU Medical Langone Center. One of her favorite organizations in this space is Students for Sensible Drug Policy and she is not only an alumni, but also a mentor at SSDP.

Oriana is currently working with others to organize and prioritize the needs of people of color in the psychedelic community. She is determined (yes, by any means necessary) to ensure that we as a community do not stand for violence perpetrated against women, and that all low-income, people of color have equal access to psychedelic medicine in the future. Lastly, Oriana is committed to bringing awareness to the gatekeepers in our communities who continue to uphold problematic people and institutions. She wishes no one any harm but will continue to expose those who harm others.

When not speaking or moderating panels, you will find Oriana, dancing to house music, working on graduate school applications and her first major project related to psychedelic justice. The addition of Oriana to the team will further broaden the psychedelic discourse and her one of her main goals is to ensure a more safe and inclusive psychedelic community.