So you'd like to share your story? 

“Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is.” -Tim O’Brien

We share stories in two ways: in Psymposia Magazine and live at Psymposia Stories.

Our focus is mostly on drugs: psychedelic stories, drug war stories, positive uses or dark trips, healing, experimentation, encounters with police, being busted, abuse & addiction, scientific or underground research, activism, sex, peak experiences, or other topics that often go unheard.   

Other things are psychedelic too. Climb Mt. Everest? Near-death experience?  Shark cage?
Tell us.

We include everyone but we're also looking to highlight the diversity of people who use or have used drugs, including women, people of color, parents, elders, entrepreneurs, and people of different professions.

Ready to pitch ?

You have complete freedom over your story.
We’re looking for powerful stories of deep personal meaning.
Specifically stories that left you with a profound or novel insight, or changed your life in some big way.

Remember: everything we do is uncensored.
Stories can be funny, sad, terrifying, sexual or transformative. We encourage them all.
Our audience is as open minded as it gets.

You never know, your story may just contain the jewel someone in the audience simply needs to hear.

What to include + tips

We encourage storytellers to be as open, honest, emotional, and as visual as you can be.
Show, don't tell. 

Wanna submit by audio recording? Please include the attachment. 3-5 mins max. 

For consideration please include each of the following in your pitch.

1. Is your story for Psymposia Magazine or live at Psymposia Stories? 

Psymposia Magazine
Do you wish to remain anonymous?

Psymposia Stories (live) 
How long is your story. Pick one: Micro = 5 mins, Short = 10 mins, Long = 15 mins

2. Where do you live? 
City, state,  & country. (we’ll assume which planet unless you tell us different)

3. Your Story Pitch Remember → Please! Keep it short. 250 words.

Setting. Be visual. What was your physical and social environment? Be detailed. Concrete nouns & colorful adjectives. Stimulate the listener or reader by painting the scenery and composing the characters. How did they sound? What were you wearing? What images pop out of your mind’s eye when you recall that day? Think of the senses & take us there

Set. Your set’s your mental state at the time - your mood, thoughts and emotions. Make physical your inner landscape, let us ride its fluctuations and drop the listeners snugly into your shoes.

Construction. Build it. A story’s 3 key elements: a beginning, middle and end. Paint the stage with your set and setting. Find the story’s tension and its turning point. Why are you doing what you’re doing?
Build it up. Take us down the rabbit hole. Finally, how does the story resolve itself? 
And do you have a mic-drop line to leave them on a dime?

4. How is your story unique?
A lot of people have drug stories. How did you come away affected and changed? How did you integrate the experience into your life? What did you learn? What were the consequences?


Great! You're ready to submit. Please use 'Stories Submission' as your subject.

Remember, only pitches of 250 words or under will be considered. 

Please include include all these sections. If we think your story fits we'll be in touch!!