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Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories in Psychedelia

Conspiracy theories are nothing new when it comes to psychedelia. But in the context of coronavirus, they've become significantly more harmful.

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American Trip: Ido Hartogsohn

Dr. Ido Hartoghson joins the show to talk about the ideas in his new book, American Trip: Set, Setting, and the Psychedelic Experience in the Twentieth Century  Acknowledging psychedelics as non-specific amplifiers of consciousness, we discuss different historical (and present) paradigms of use in order to interrogate the role of psychedelics within our culture. As we find ourselves staring down a number of existential questions, we must ask ourselves, "What do we hope to achieve through our personal and cultural exposure to psychedelics?”

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A series on the intersection of psychedelics and capitalism, and the early investors making it happen.


A series of personal stories on consent, gender, and sexual violence against women in psychedelic communities.