Psymposia shares stories and fresh perspectives about how emerging psychedelic science, drug policy reform, and harm reduction shape society.

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Ep 18 – Mark Haden

Jul 26
Mark Haden, Executive of MAPS Canada joins the show to talk about...drug regulation.

Ep 17 – Casey Hardison

Jul 11
We talked with underground chemist and cognitive liberty hero Casey Hardison at the Shulgin Farm on the Fourth of July.

Ep 15 – Mary Porter

Jun 26
Around the kitchen table, we hear from the powerhouse Mary Porter, a Native woman who, after her wild years staying away from the medicine, founded the Looking Glass Peyote Church. The episode ends with hearing from a young veteran about his experience, through Mary, finally finding a teacher and a path.

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The Psychedelic Network, Pt 1: USA

Zoë Biehl
December 20, 2016
Over the past few years, psychedelic societies have begun popping up all over the world. We interviewed some of the pioneers. First stop: USA.

Conversations: Psychedelic Diversity

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