Psymposia shares stories and fresh perspectives about how emerging psychedelic science, drug policy reform, and harm reduction shape society.

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The Psychedelic Renaissance owes its life to an open internet

Erica Darragh
Jul 12
We must remember how in less than two decades, an open internet enabled us to bridge some deep cultural divides, dismantle three-quarters of a century worth of drug propaganda, crowdsource massive databases of drug information, and crowdfund millions of dollars for FDA-approved research on psychedelics.

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Ep 17 – Casey Hardison

Jul 11
We talked with underground chemist and cognitive liberty hero Casey Hardison at the Shulgin Farm on the Fourth of July.

Ep 15 – Mary Porter

Jun 26
Around the kitchen table, we hear from the powerhouse Mary Porter, a Native woman who, after her wild years staying away from the medicine, founded the Looking Glass Peyote Church. The episode ends with hearing from a young veteran about his experience, through Mary, finally finding a teacher and a path.

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The Psychedelic Network, Pt 1: USA

Zoë Biehl
December 20, 2016
Over the past few years, psychedelic societies have begun popping up all over the world. We interviewed some of the pioneers. First stop: USA.

Conversations: Psychedelic Diversity

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