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About Psymposia

Psymposia is a media organization that uses adversarial journalism to shine a light on the complex connections between drugs and society, psychedelics and mental health, science and capitalism, technology and politics, mass incarceration, culture, conflict, cartels, and everything in between. Through investigative journalism, live events, and podcasts, we offer systemic analysis and critical perspectives using the lens of drug policy to view the deepest issues in society.

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We are a 100% independent voice in psychedelic science and drug journalism. We never have corporate ads, sponsored content, or sketchy affiliate programs.

This means we require support from the grass roots so we can dig into the biggest issues with no strings attached. You can make an impact and support us each month by becoming a member on Patreon. Members receive access to full length video podcasts, interviews with guests, and more.



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For press inquiries, questions, feedback, proposals, requests, and ideas contact our team.


Our Team