Tips and Whistleblowers

We welcome tips, leaks, and information on potential wrongdoing. Tips keep us looking in the right direction and whistleblowers provide an essential check on unethical or illegal behavior and institutional abuses of power. If you want to send us a tip or become a source, we want to hear from you. We value your privacy and security, and we’ll keep your identity confidential.

How to contact us:

General Tips
For general tips, send us an email, or you can find the emails for our writers or editors here.

A note for those being prosecuted
Sometimes we are contacted by people who are being prosecuted for serious felony drug offenses and facing lengthy prison time. Often, people want us to shed a light on their story or help spread information about a crowdfunding campaign for legal defense costs. Always consult with your attorney before contacting any journalist or publication. Before speaking with the media remember: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. If after consulting with your attorney you still want to contact us, please send us an email.

For Leaks and Whistleblowers

Never use your company email account as it is likely monitored and can easily be traced back to you. Google is the inventor of surveillance capitalism, so never trust or send email from Gmail either. If your security is paramount, you should only use end-to-end encryption for digital communications.

Consider using Protonmail. ProtonMail only provides end-to-end encryption between ProtonMail users. That means only email us from your ProtonMail account. After creating an account you can reach us here.

Telegram Secret Chat
Another option is using Telegram’s “Secret Chat” option, which provides end-to-end encryption. Learn more about “Secret Chat” security here. After creating a Telegram account, you can reach us @psymposia_leaks

A note on security
Please note that no digital communications are 100% secure. Operate under the assumption that organizations monitor all activity on their computers and networks. However, the above channels are designed to enhance your security.