Plus Three

Plus Three

Welcome to Plus 3, an upcoming Psymposia podcast about the role of drugs in society. Launching Fall 2019.

The podcast will take a critical look at psychoactive substances, and we’ll make sense of the complex connections between science, policy, and culture. We’ll have guests, discuss the news, and dig into stories featured on Psymposia.

We Refuse to Endorse Daniel Pinchbeck as a Credible Voice in the Psychedelic Movement

Pinchbeck has not publicly engaged in the difficult work of reorganizing his relationship to power, which is a precondition for learning to wield power and authority responsibly. Instead, he has shown that he is predominantly concerned with reestablishing his career and with recentering himself as an authority figure

Psilocybin Incorporated

The crew recaps the Economic Models for the Expansion of Psychedelics panel at the Horizons Perspectives on Psychedelics conference in New York. They also discuss the corrosive effects that Compass Pathways, a for-profit psilocybin startup has had in psychedelic science and research.

Live From Brooklyn: The Set and Setting of the Psychedelic Renaissance is Capitalism

Live from Brooklyn, New York, the team discusses psychedelic science unfolding in a capitalist culture and deconstructs the 'Standard Story' of psychedelic medicalization. They also talk about incoming corporations seeking to capitalize on psychedelic medicines, and ongoing decriminalization efforts across the country.

Decriminalization Now!

The historical record is clear - drug prohibition is directly connected to the prosecution of minorities: ethnic or political. Not only do we see a complete lack of scientific or evidentiary basis for prohibition and criminalization, we can see it has been a product of white supremacy, xenophobia, misogyny, and imperialism. 

We Hope Michael Pollan Changes His Mind

Michael Pollan thinks we’re not ready to decriminalize psilocybin, despite his media tour where he capitalized on the rising wave of psychedelic normalization. The team critically examines his New York Times op-ed where he urges caution, and why we think he's wrong.

Podcast Preview: We Hope Michael Pollan Changes His Mind

As Michael Pollan steps into the role of psychedelic gatekeeper, we critically examine his recent NYT op-ed on slowing down psilocybin decriminalization.