Russell Hausfeld


Russell Hausfeld is Senior Writer for Psymposia and an investigative journalist and illustrator living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Religious Studies from the University of Cincinnati.

COMPASS Pathways’ Psilocybin Patent Questioned By UK Patent Examiner

While COMPASS has issued a response defending the validity of its patents, one of the co-inventors says the patent examiner’s opinion is probably “a valid one.”

The Third Wave’s Paul Austin Has Been Accused of Stealing Information For His Psychedelic Provider Directory

The Third Wave copied information from Psychedelic.Support and MAPS Integration List without permission to use for its own directory.

COMPASS Pathways Is Trying to Patent Psilocybin for More Mental Health Conditions Than You Can Name

News that COMPASS Pathways is attempting to patent psychedelic therapy room specifications and therapist behaviors started an online firestorm about the company’s “monopolistic and shady behaviors,” but so far the debates have missed the biggest threats lurking in COMPASS’s international patent applications.

Timothy Leary’s Castalia Foundation Has Been Co-opted to Promote Conspiracy Theories about COVID and Elite Pedophile Rings

The Castalia Foundation — originally founded in part by Timothy Leary — "resurfaced" in 2020 with anti-mask content, praise for Donald Trump, and paranoid discussion around the sexual abuse of children. 

Psychedelic Authoritarianism Harm Reduction: “QAnon Shaman” Edition

Jake Angeli's tattoos provide a lens into how fascists and white supremacists have appropriated aspects of Pagan/Heathen culture and spirituality.

Christopher Valore (AKA The Architect) talks “Conductor,” His Virtual-Reality, Psychedelic-Visual Sandbox Platform

Christopher Valore discusses his love of virtual reality; the early days of his company, Club Transcendia; and development of his first official release, “Conductor.”

Thea Riofrancos on the Implications of Global Energy Transition and the Impacts of Lithium Extraction

Thea Riofrancos is a political scientist whose research has focused on political conflict related to extraction, energy, and infrastructure in a rapidly warming and politically unstable world. She also serves on the steering committee for Democratic Socialists of America for a Green New Deal.

The Big & Dandy List of Psychedelic-Mining-Extractive-Industry Ties

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it spotlights a number of psychedelic pharmaceutical companies and executives with ties to extractive industry.

Why are so many extractive industry executives speculating on psychedelics?

Extractive industry is highly speculative by nature and firms are risk tolerant—they either “strike gold” or they don’t. When their gambles fail, psychedelic startups can take over their corporate shells to quickly go public with minimal regulatory scrutiny.

Will Extractive Industry Bring Its Disregard for Indigenous People Into The Psychedelic Industry?

A mining firm’s conflict with Argentinian communities illustrates extractive industry’s practices and values, and raises questions about how these corporate approaches will translate into the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry.