Russell Hausfeld


Russell Hausfeld is Senior Writer for Psymposia and an investigative journalist and illustrator living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Religious Studies from the University of Cincinnati.

The Big & Dandy List of Psychedelic-Mining-Extractive-Industry Ties

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it spotlights a number of psychedelic pharmaceutical companies and executives with ties to extractive industry.

Why are so many extractive industry executives speculating on psychedelics?

Extractive industry is highly speculative by nature and firms are risk tolerant—they either “strike gold” or they don’t. When their gambles fail, psychedelic startups can take over their corporate shells to quickly go public with minimal regulatory scrutiny.

Will Extractive Industry Bring Its Disregard for Indigenous People Into The Psychedelic Industry?

A mining firm’s conflict with Argentinian communities illustrates extractive industry’s practices and values, and raises questions about how these corporate approaches will translate into the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry.

As Psychedelics Enter the Mainstream, Mining Companies Look to Dig Up Profits

Canadian mining and exploration company AIS has had a number of executives move on to found psychedelic pharmaceutical businesses. Why? Because psychedelics are where the money’s at.

ATAI Life Sciences Company, EmpathBio, Dives Into MDMA Derivatives, Calls MAPS’ Approach “MDMA 1.0”

Through EmpathBio, ATAI Life Sciences says it will develop “safer” MDMA derivatives for patients with PTSD and calls the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies' (MAPS) approach "MDMA 1.0." MAPS' executive director, Rick Doblin, says that if that's the case, ATAI is "MDMA 0.5."

As COMPASS Pathways continues its attempts to build a psychedelic monopoly, Usona Institute keeps publishing open research

Since COMPASS Pathways filed for a controversial psilocybin patent in 2018, Usona Institute has consistently placed its research findings in the public domain.

Forget Plant-Based Medicine, MDMA is Now Made From Crude Oil

MAPS claims the most sustainable way to produce commercial MDMA is through the use of petrochemical feedstocks.

LSD Chemist William Leonard Pickard Has Been Released From Prison

LSD chemist and longtime drug war prisoner, William Leonard Pickard, was officially released from prison on July 27, 2020. Pickard had been locked down since 2000 and was slated to serve two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

MindMed’s CEO Jamon “JR” Rahn Wants Nothing To Do With Those Psychedelic Decrim People

"I want nothing to do with those kinds of folks who want to decriminalize psychedelics,” Rahn told Forbes."

Field Trip Announces “World’s First” Virtual Psychedelic Therapy, But Forgets To Mention They Aren’t the First and No Psychedelics Are Involved

Field Trip Ventures leads the charge to use “psychedelic” as a marketing buzzword for any kind of niche therapy.