Russell Hausfeld

Russell Hausfeld

Russell Hausfeld is an investigative journalist and illustrator living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Religious Studies from the University of Cincinnati.

Native American Churches Request that Peyote Not Be Included in Decriminalization Initiatives

A long-fought battle for access to peyote, and a dwindling population in the United States has led Native American Church members and peyote conservationists to request that peyote be left out of decriminalization efforts.

Calm Down. What’s the Worst Thing That the Wellness Industry Could Do to Psychedelics?

As technology and psychedelics turn to mental health, we’ll likely see a future where we are treated based on our digital biomarkers, and sold mental health services based on the personal data we surrender.

Talking Psychedelic Capitalism in a WeWork Ballroom

Psychedelic capitalists justify their decision to go for-profit in the ballroom of America’s most recent for-profit flop.

Christian Angermayer’s ATAI Life Sciences is positioned to take the psychedelic throne from MAPS

After decades of psychedelic nonprofits paving regulatory pathways and priming wealthy investors, for-profits are moving in to reap the rewards.

“Making psychedelics boring again”— Unless you’re a privileged psychedelic executive, of course

The new leaders of the psychedelic medicalization industry seem to see themselves as above their own self-proposed rules.

Psychedelic Trade Secrets and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes —a Benefit to Investors, a Harm to Progress

“Play the field right and there’s money to be made even off some of the shit companies purely based on the wave.”

Never Forget: Before There Was A Mush Rush, There Was A Plea For Decency

Many predicted an ethical storm brewing in the lead-up to the explosion of for-profit interest in psychedelic pharmaceuticals. But, were their efforts to mitigate the damage enough to make a difference?

Could wearable microdosing technology be a thing one day?

Could a liquid-delivery system meant to help maintain a personalized “scent bubble” quietly usher in the creation of wearable psychedelic microdosing technology? A U.S. patent for this system is just one among an increasing list of psychedelic-inspired intellectual properties.

31 miles and a tab of acid later…

A corrective experience achieved through dropping acid and running the 2019 Burning Man Ultramarathon

As legal psychedelic therapy emerges, ethicists urge for more comprehensive frameworks to address sexual abuse

With a checkered history of misconduct, how will psychedelic-assisted therapists be held accountable in the emerging legal field?