Alexander Lekhtman

Alexander Lekhtman is an editorial fellow at Filter.

Young People of Color As Leaders in The Movement To End the War on Drugs

How do you center the needs and perspectives of people of color in your activism—not because you want to fill a quota, but because the success of your work depends on it?

The First Step Act is not the criminal justice reform we need. But it’s a start.

Trump signed into law the First Step Act, which makes modest reforms that ease the federal prison population.

After 26 years in prison for LSD, and clemency from Obama, Timothy Tyler is a free man

What’s it like being sentenced to life in prison for selling LSD? Timothy Tyler, a Deadhead convicted of selling LSD and granted clemency by President Barack Obama, talked to Psymposia about his 26 years in prison, and the challenges of adjusting to a brave, new world.

How activists are fighting for full cannabis legalization in Washington, D.C.

When two men entered a party in Uneeda Nichols’ home in Washington, D.C. in August 2017 with a couple hundred dollars in cash, they were greeted as cannabis enthusiasts. No one realized they were undercover cops.

DREAMing about Drug Reform: An Interview with Arturo Lua Castillo

A candid talk with Arturo Lua Castillo, named Outstanding Student Organizer of 2018 by Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Maine Gov vetoes (admittedly flawed) legal cannabis bill, leaving future sales uncertain

On Friday, November 3, 2017, Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) vetoed legislation to regulate cannabis sales in the state.

International Drug Policy Reform Conference Brings Harm Reduction into Spotlight

My destination was the International Drug Policy Reform Conference (Reform 2017). Judging by the throng of young college students crowding the lobby, I knew we were in the right place.

Does the First Amendment Protect Spiritual Cannabis Use? A D.C. Activist Plans to Argue For It

A group of cannabis activists held a demonstration outside the White House. They made a Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, non-sectarian, and Rasta prayer over the plant, seeking to highlight the spirituality of cannabis use.

Washington Man Facing Prison After Foraging for Wild Mushrooms

Paul Lee Corbett is facing a potential prison sentence of five years for possession of psilocybin mushrooms.

Ohio City Gov’t: We have to fine and jail overdose survivors to give them “treatment opportunities”

If someone overdoses from heroin or opiate drugs and has to be revived by paramedics or police with naloxone, they will be charged with “inducing panic.”