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Applying to Law School on LSD

My decision to attend law school was unconventional, at best.

The first time I ate mushrooms a Papua New Guinea shaman showed up

We locked eyes for what felt like an he and I had done this many times before.

Psychedelic Stories | Snake: The Spirit of Ayahuasca

My rational mind told me that I should be absolutely terrified, but I felt no fear at all. As his consciousness merged with mine, I knew instinctively that he meant me no harm.

The Unexpected Trip

When I graduated from the Air Force Academy, it was George W. Bush who handed me my diploma.

I served in the Israeli Defense Forces. Ayahuasca healed my PTSD

I was on duty the night Alex decided to commit suicide in the communal showers.

I served in the Israeli Defense Forces. Ayahuasca Healed my PTSD. Pt 2: Integration

I was able to heal my relationship with death, and that in turn allowed me to heal my relationship with life.

In Sweden, Europe’s most LGBT-friendly country, admitting use of cannabis or psychedelics carries a big social stigma

You might imagine progressive drug laws go hand-in-hand with social democracy. It's not the case in Sweden.

LSD Helped Me Ditch My Crutches & Scale Mountains

We passed out the tabs of acid, we toasted, and we dropped. And then suddenly, up we went. I stood up, gingerly putting my weight on my right leg. And...nothing. No pain. No tenderness. I was invincible.

MDMA showed me there’s more to life than being stuck over an ex-girlfriend

“Let It Happen” by Tame Impala came on as if there was a switch inside my brain where the drug started working.

I fell in love while candy flipping

The LSD rushed through my gums and into my jaw at the same time the bitter drip of MDA slowly ran down the back of my throat. I didn’t exactly understand what was happening nor did I care because I was excited.