Emerson Dameron

Emerson Dameron

Emerson is a writer, communicator, and occasional comedian from Los Angeles. When he gets a laugh, that's as close as he expects to get to the alchemists.

How to meditate on psychedelics with Vincent Horn of Meditate.io

Vincent Horn of Meditate.io talks about psychedelics and meditation.

Johns Hopkins studying effects of psilocybin on brains of long-term meditators

Are these states really similar? Many meditators have answered quite clearly, yes.

The State: The Opioid Epidemic

For anyone who remembers the Reagan Administration's awesome response to the '80s crack epidemic, the Trump plan may prompt discouraging deja vu.

The State: Friday, Oct 27, 2017

To get a vision of the future of psychedelics from a legal and regulatory perspective, the most useful thing to do might be to see what's happening already in the realm of weed.

The State: Tuesday, Sept 19, 2017

Welcome to the first edition of The State. This column will look at a few of the more noteworthy stories making waves in the psychedelic and reform spheres, and when appropriate, examine how they fit into a larger context.