Jordan May

Jordan May is a writer who explores the intersections between drug policy, psychedelics, and community engagement.

Is Ibogaine the Cure for Opioid Addiction? It’s Not That Simple. | Part 11

The Ibogaine Conversation Conclusion | The goal of this conversation was to provide a platform for a diverse range of perspectives on a single topic. Not everyone agrees, and that’s the point.

How Safe is Ibogaine? We Asked Clare Wilkins Who Has Facilitated Over 700 Treatments | Part 9

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 9 | Using ibogaine can be fatal if proper safety precautions aren’t taken.

How Not to Do Ibogaine 101 with Juliana Mulligan | Part 8

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 8 | This is not a do-it-at-home type thing.

Former Underground Provider, Dimitri Mugianis, on the Regulation of Ibogaine | Part 7

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 7 | "Prescription is not about accessibility, by definition it’s about restriction. Unless we start to use psychedelics as a way to tear apart these structures and build new ones in their place, then I think it's all a revolving door."

Patrick Kroupa, hacker and ex-heroin ‘junkie’, on microdosing and the medicalization of ibogaine | Part 6

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 6 | My experience with heroin went from age 14 up to age 30, and taking ibogaine was as close to a miracle as I have ever experienced in my life.

Talking Ibogaine Research for Opioid Addiction with Thomas Kingsley Brown | Part 5

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 5 | Thomas Kingsley Brown, PhD, studied the long-term outcomes of people who received ibogaine for the treatment of opioid addiction. We talked about the results.

Taking Iboga with the People of Gabon | Part 2

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 2 | Our first stop is in Gabon, Africa, where consumption of the iboga root bark is intimately tied to the ancient spiritual discipline known as Bwiti.

Ibogaine presents unique challenges in how we approach harm reduction and treat addiction | Part 1

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 1 | This series explores the unique challenges ibogaine presents in how we approach plant medicine, harm reduction, and treatment for addiction, through the lens of ibogaine researchers, providers, patients, and advocates from around the world.

Could Oregon be the First State to Legalize Psilocybin Therapy?

A group in Oregon is drafting a ballot initiative for 2020 that would allow individuals to take psilocybin in supervised settings.

Globalhuasca: A Closer Look at the Global Ayahuasca Movement

Many of us are well-meaning in our engagement with plant medicines, but we cannot disregard the real-world impact that our actions inevitably have, regardless of intent.