Keeno Ahmed-Jones

Keeno Ahmed-Jones (@keenoahmedjones) is a writer whose latest interests focus on race, rising inequality, and human rights. She was previously a Fellow at the Regents Research Fund, where she provided research, policy analysis and counsel to the Board of Regents and senior leadership at the New York State Education Department. She received her M.A. in Sociology and Education Policy from Teachers College, Columbia University.

An Open Letter and Call to Action for MAPS Canada

The following is an open letter by two former co-leads of the MAPS Canada Diversity Committee. It was written in response to a variety of racist and prejudicial behaviours they experienced from MAPS Canada leadership and the organization at large during their eight-month tenure as unpaid volunteers, including obstruction—by leadership—of their efforts to address long-entrenched discriminatory practices in the psychedelic research domain and to implement initiatives to combat race-based health disparities.