Leia Friedman

Leia Friedman

Leia Friedman is a clinician, professor, and writer living in Lowell, MA. Her present focus in psychology involves the teachings of meditation, yoga, ecology, and the use of psychedelics to assist psychotherapy for clinical disorders. She is also involved in local social and climate justice activism, LGBTQIA+ concerns, and body positivity.

How Social and Climate Justice Activism is Psychedelic

As I became activated to defend something bigger than my own immediate welfare, a shift took place—a shift toward seeing reality as a singular entity as opposed to a bunch of disjointed parts.

Photo by Tracey Eller

Where Eco-Feminism and Psychedelics Meet

We talked with Zoe Helene, the founder of Cosmic Sister, a group started as an underground network for women who have each other’s best interests at heart, women supporting women.

Psychedelics & Sexual Healing: A Talk with Dee Dee Goldpaugh

Sex + is a new ongoing series aimed at reducing negative stigma and promoting honest education and community around issues of sexuality.