Mike Margolies

Mike Margolies is the founder of Psychedelic Seminars.

Ibogaine Treatment Comes with Risks. We Had a Discussion About Safety with Medical Providers. | Part 10

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 10 | Unlike other psychedelic drugs, ibogaine is known to be potentially cardiotoxic. There are a number of fatalities associated with its use, and anyone considering working with it should be aware of the risks.

How has Western influence changed the traditional use of iboga in Gabon? | Part 3

The Ibogaine Conversation Part 3 | What is the authentic Bwiti tradition? The answer I got was that this idea of authenticity is an odd idea. It’s a very Western idea. Bwiti considers itself as a culture that’s changing.

Psychedelic Harm Reduction in the Czech Republic

The Czech Psychedelic Society is creating the Czech version of Zendo Project and KosmiCare.

Dennis McKenna on his ethnopharmacology conference 50 years in the making

It’s been 50 years since the last one. The original idea was to hold followups every 10 years. But the war on drugs came along, and they were never held. It’s time to take another look at the current state of the art.

The DEA Scheduling System is a Joke

Reducing drug policy down to defining “good” substances and “bad” substances is missing the entire point.

We talked with Michael Verdon, an artist who burns down his work.

We talked with Michael Verdon, the artist behind the burning temple at Catharsis on the Mall

How About a Positive Nicotine and Alcohol Story?

I was a couple strong beers in when I reached over for my friend’s vaporizer and took several drags. It was pretty psychedelic.