MAPS Canada’s Data Breach Foreshadows Corporadelic Future

As the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry increasingly prioritizes personal data extraction through mobile apps, wearables, and so-called “targeted” medicine, a recent data breach by former MAPS Canada Executive Director Mark Haden provides a warning about some of the possible consequences to the financial incentives of datafication.

MAPS Canada’s “Clarifying Misinformation” Letter by Mark Haden is Full of Misinformation

In response to Psymposia's reporting on outgoing MAPS Canada Executive Director Mark Haden's resignation following a year full of controversies, Haden published a statement entitled “Clarifying Misinformation” that was full of misinformation and factual inaccuracies. In the following article, we set the record straight.

After a Year of Controversy, MAPS Canada Executive Director Mark Haden Announces Resignation

During a Psymposia investigation into the alarming 5-MeO-DMT practices of Dr. Martin Ball, Mark Haden announced his resignation from MAPS Canada.

Psymposia 2020 Staff Book Picks

The Psymposia staff reflects on some of the books that kept us company throughout 2020, which we'd like to recommend to our readers for 2021. The list includes works of intersectional analysis, psychedelic history, surveillance capitalism, and more. We hope you appreciate these insights as much as we do.

Livestream #2: Team trip reports and experiential typewriters

Weeoo weeoo livestream alert for Thursday, December 17th at 8PM ET!!. Last time we popped bottles and jammed in the comments - come hang out with us again for some reflections on 2020.

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories in Psychedelia

Conspiracy theories are nothing new when it comes to psychedelia. But in the context of coronavirus, they've become significantly more harmful.

DARE to Resist White Supremacy and The Police

American policing is a white supremacist institution that has repeatedly demonstrated the degree to which it values property over human life. Our struggles against the police are inseparably entwined with similar struggles around the world, and they cannot be disconnected from larger struggles for human rights.

An open letter to the newly founded Center for Psychedelic Research at Johns Hopkins

With the recent creation of the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, we must remember that, while industrialized medicine has never attempted to serve all people, institutional histories vary from one organization to the next.

Humans of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Meet some of the people on the front lines of global drug reform at The Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna.

Will drug policy reform be Trumped? We asked the reform community to chime in.

It’s hard to imagine Trump & Sessions stuffing the toothpaste back in the tube, but remember drug prohibition is a lucrative business.