Sophia Rokhlin

Sophia Rokhlin

Sophia is an anthropologist and writer. She serves as development coordinator at Alianza Arkana, a grassroots organization supporting indigenous Shipibo communities in the Peruvian Amazon. Her main areas of interest are environmental justice and indigenous land rights, drug policy and psychoactive plants.

Shipibo Women Healers on the Challenges and Opportunities of the Ayahuasca Boom

After the murder of a Peruvian healer in 2018, traditional healers, local political figures, and nonprofit allies gathered to address the complexities that come with the influx of foreigners seeking ayahuasca in the Amazon.

Ayahuasca and the Global Marketplace

Narratives which gloss-over the history and socioeconomic dynamics of ayahuasca’s globalization may, despite good intentions, actually do more harm than good.