Tehseen Noorani

Tehseen Noorani, PhD is a Marie Curie and Durham University COFUND Junior Research Fellow. His research investigates the social, political and epistemic potential of trauma, illness and drugs in producing 'limit-experiences'. From 2013-2015 Tehseen was a NIDA-funded postdoctoral research fellow on at Johns Hopkins University, where he led qualitative research for a pharmacology team researching psychedelic experiences. He is currently conducting a comparative ethnography of psychedelics use, and has taught at New York University and the University of East London.

Psychedelic Inclusivity: Hopes and Challenges

When stubborn drives for inclusion and connection in the present betray a racially divided past, psychonauts may be able to attend to histories of exclusion, separation and disconnection in order to deepen our understanding and engagement in the present.

Patterning a World of Mushrooms: The Challenges of Co-Production

‘Co-production’ refers to processes in which a range of experts and non-experts are enrolled as researchers and attempt to generate knowledge together.