#29 – The Tesla of Mental Health?

January 20, 2021

Brian Normand and David Nickles are joined by Psymposia Senior Writer Russell Hausfeld to discuss MindMed’s CEO, Jamon Rahn’s, recent claims that his company “may be creating effectively the Tesla of mental health,” and that the company is now a “$1B+ Unicorn.”

Tesla, for those unaware, has been sued by (and settled with) the SEC for securities fraud, flouted COVID-19 (and other) safety guidelines, and has experienced so many lawsuits and controversies even its wikipedia page acknowledges, “This is a partial list of the surrounding lawsuits and controversies…Tesla is party to over 800 lawsuits.” And oh yeah, Tesla’s stock is an absurd bubble.

It’s a bold comparison for Rahn to make, but we believe him when he tells us what he’s aiming for.

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