Erica Darragh

Erica Darragh

Erica is an SSDP board member, DanceSafe chapter director, co-founder of People for Sensible Drug Culture, and content manager and contributor for Psymposia.

Intersecting Movements: Drug Policy Reform and Climate Action

Climate justice is racial justice, and we cannot achieve racial justice without ending the War on Drugs.

SSDP Spotlight: Just Say Know, a peer education program for everyone

Although SSDP was founded upon political lobbying from the top down, it has also served as a platform for member-led initiatives of harm reduction and peer education.

Psychedelic medicines can help heal the trauma of mass incarceration

Psychedelic therapy has the potential to ignite a paradigm shift within our culture by enabling us to reframe complex social problems as manifestations of trauma.

The Psychedelic Renaissance owes its life to an open internet

We must remember how in less than two decades, an open internet enabled us to bridge some deep cultural divides, dismantle three-quarters of a century worth of drug propaganda, crowdsource massive databases of drug information, and crowdfund millions of dollars for FDA-approved research on psychedelics.