#24 – From Mining to Mushrooms

November 11, 2020

Recorded live at the Capital Psychedelic Summit, hosted virtually in Washington D.C., Russell Hausfeld joins Brian Normand and David Nickles to discuss the infiltration of the psychedelic pharmaceutical industry by companies, investors, and executives from extractive industry.

This episode explores the destructive nature of extractive industry and the effects of introducing those dynamics into psychedelia. If the same people destroying Indigenous lands told you they believed in “sacred reciprocity,” would you believe them?

Co-hosts: Brian Normand, David Nickles, Russell Hausfeld. 

To drill deeper into these issues, check out the 5-part series: From Mining to Mushrooms

Pt 1: As Psychedelics Enter the Mainstream, Mining Companies Look to Dig Up Profits

Pt 2: Will Extractive Industry Bring Its Disregard for Indigenous People Into The Psychedelic Industry?

Pt 3: Why are so many extractive industry executives speculating on psychedelics?

Pt 4: The Big & Dandy List of Psychedelic-Mining-Extractive-Industry Ties

Pt 5: Thea Riofrancos on the Implications of Global Energy Transition and the Impacts of Lithium Extraction

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