The Psychedelic Diversity Conversation



The Psychedelic Community Needs More Diversity. Let’s Talk About That

Brian Normand
November 28
Any system without balanced diversity is subject to collapse and failure. In the current sociopolitical landscape, conversations that simultaneously call for diversity and push the collective bubbles of our social media echo-chambers are more important than ever.

Why the Psychedelic Community is so White

Ifetayo Harvey
November 29, 2016
The War on Drugs is inherently anti-black. Most psychedelic users that I’ve encountered are hesitant to take a stance on the racial aspects of the drug war.

Psychedelic Inclusivity: Hopes and Challenges

Tehseen Noorani
December 1, 2016
When stubborn drives for inclusion and connection in the present betray a racially divided past, psychonauts may be able to attend to histories of exclusion, separation and disconnection in order to deepen our understanding and engagement in the present.

How Will History Remember the Psychedelic Renaissance?

Jordan May
December 5, 2016
As a conglomerate of the social elite who campaigned for our own personal right to cognitive liberty? Or as a diverse movement made up of people who saw something of value in the psychedelic experience and called on it to actively transform the world we live in?