Applying to Law School on LSD

My decision to attend law school was unconventional, at best.

To set the stage: I was alone at my apartment on New Year’s Eve, in the midst of a snowstorm.  Stranded at home with a broken-down truck and nowhere to go. Fast approaching my last semester of undergrad, I was at a crossroads in life. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of two years on Christmas (harsh, I know). I had no post-graduate plans nor attachments. Directionless, and with the desire to make the holiday memorable, I decided to drop LSD.

I assumed the acid was weak because I took some at a Dead & Company show weeks prior and could not recall a profound high. In hindsight, the atmosphere was simply too heady with a beautiful light show and music for me to notice my high. The visuals set in while I was showering. I realized the strength and purity of the substance when I saw rainbow water running through my fingers and down my body, and bright colors dancing on the shower walls.

My body felt amazing, and I moved to the living room to practice yoga and listen to music as per usual on my solo trips. While reflecting on my current (abysmal) situation, I had an epiphany, and creative energy flowed through me like I had opened the floodgates of inspiration and wisdom.

Go to law school.


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I recalled a conversation with my headmaster in 8th grade wherein I received a disciplinary speech about my laziness as a student and my potential wasted. He said I had the mind of a lawyer with a strong sense of morality to compliment. Law school was a dream of mine since middle school. As a philosophy major, I was intimate with dense readings, crafting arguments, and well trained in logic. I recently befriended an alum from the law school my headmaster wanted me to attend. I had all the resources I needed to craft an application. It was as if the option had been there staring me in the face, falling into my lap, without my awareness.

The sense of urgency I felt compelled me to act immediately. I logged onto my school’s portal and immediately changed my schedule for the upcoming semester to every law and policy class offered. I texted my mother at 4:00 A.M. informing her of my decision to continue my education. I knew I wanted to make a greater impact on society. Perpetually unhappy with the status quo, I decided to become a player on a greater scale to shape the world I wish to see. I knew my vision for a better future, and I felt a compulsion to deliver my ideals into reality.

LSD is proven to increase creativity and problem-solving.1 Going into the trip, I was despondent and aimless. Hours into the experience I had a newfound sense of purpose and excitement for life. With the proper set and setting, LSD can be a master teacher. Now I am graduated and happily employed, grateful for the adventure.

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